• Pippa Curran

    Pippa Curran

    Teller of Stories | Creator of Worlds | Imaginer of Adventures | Author of Whimsy | Collector of Moments | XR Developer | Creative Technologist | Super Nerd

  • David Falkirk

    David Falkirk

    Author, writer, photographer, editor, designer, podcaster, unrepentant geek, recovering journalist…. Pick one.

  • Melanie White

    Melanie White

    High school English and Media Studies teacher, Department Head, blogger, addict and trafficker of books, and conscious of privilege.

  • Dorothy E. Hardin

    Dorothy E. Hardin

    writer-Zander's Friendship Journey - children's book (April 2014) educ consultant; fan of pop culture, film, sports (Orioles & Ravens), Am CW stuff

  • eugeniu


  • UnawareButUnderlined


  • Author Mandy Carroll

    Author Mandy Carroll

    I am an author, poet and artist through fabric arts. Seek solutions from the other side of the looking glass.

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