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  • Dazzling Shene

    Dazzling Shene

    A dreamer, a believer, a visionary, serpenting my way through the whirlwinds of life. Here to Razzle and bedazzle You~MBA ~Top writer in Poetry~PHD to BE

  • Listy


    she/her πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ | INFJ - proud homebody πŸ“š | Genetic scientists 🧬 | Write as a part of my personal journey of self discovery ✍️

  • saviour musumali

    saviour musumali

    a passionate writer and teacher by profession 😊😊 girl gotta chase her dreams and find that which makes her heart beat faster β™₯️

  • Fernt Sien

    Fernt Sien

    Who’s a good boy? I am!

  • Joseph Buddenberg

    Joseph Buddenberg

    Former political prisoner and long time activist patreon.com/josephbuddenberg

  • Luisinha Miracorrea

    Luisinha Miracorrea

    Chef. Traveller. Teacher. Foodie. Translator. As a Teacher you touch millions. As a Chef you change millions with your food.

  • R.L. Raymundo

    R.L. Raymundo

    Just a hard worker from the gutter, but seriously, is it bright out here or what?

  • Frances Wymbs

    Frances Wymbs

    Naturally and artificially flavored.

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